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4K display issues

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--- Quote from: byates on August 03, 2016, 06:09:54 pm ---It probably has something to do with scaling factors.

My P2715Q (3840 x 2160)is set to 175%.
My U3011 (2560x1600) is set for 100%.

I ran SE21 on each with the same Application size (didn't resize between runs) and showing the same files.
hdpi1 is on the P2715Q at 175%.
hdpi2 is on the U3011 at 100%.

You can see the highlight markers on the right side along the scroll bar.  In the hdpi1 view (when seen on a 4K monitor) they are VERY small.

--- End quote ---
Just curious, what color theme is that you are using, one of the Slickedit provided ones, or your own home tweaked colorings?


billprew: It's a custom dark theme




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