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4K display issues

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I heavy use the highlight marker feature (not sure what you call it) and would love to see the following changes.

* Make the background of the highlight area match the background of the text window. Since the highlight markers use the same foreground color they would stand out better with the same background.  I don't see any reason for the highlight area to be separated by background color.  The highlight area seems to always be white which makes it tough to find colors that work well on both a black background and a white background.
* Make the width of the highlight area wider and the minimum marker height a little bigger.  Maybe a setting?  ;)

Relative size works for fonts but not bitmaps/icons which are a fixed number pixels.

This is a screenshot at 150% on the Dell 4K.
The text above the preview window is being clipped a little.

Reproduced, will fix for beta3.

Have you tried changing the display scaling (in Windows 10) while Slickedit is running?

Parts of Slick work, but the dialogs do really badly.

Same thing happens when you RemoteDesktop from a normal display to a high-dpi login on a win10 machine.


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