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Windows ssymlink and ssymlinkdirs
« on: August 20, 2016, 02:05:47 am »
So, whats the status of symlinks and windows?
(And JUNCTIONs too I suppose).

I have

If I try to open the same file, with different paths due to symlink folders), it figures that out and opens using the real path.

Yet, when I do a recursive search it will follow symlinks and show duplicate results.

If I have a loop due to symlinks, it will still follow the link but not indefinitely...

Given this folder tree:
C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\  -----> [symlink ..\subX]
C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\ -----> [symlink sub1]

A recursive search give these results
Find all "PipeToVs.vpj", Subfolders, List filenames only, "C:\Users\joe\Documents\x", "*.vpw", Exclude:
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\sub1\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
File C:\Users\joe\Documents\x\subX\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\suby\PipeToVs.vpw
Matching files: 22     Total files searched: 22

I'm guessing that Windows is itself somehow preventing deeper recursion here by limiting the number of symlinks it will resolve. True?


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Re: Windows ssymlink and ssymlinkdirs
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2016, 01:08:37 pm »
Looks like this invocation isn't being passed though to the sgrep process.


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Re: Windows ssymlink and ssymlinkdirs
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2016, 01:29:09 pm »
Fixed for beta 4