Author Topic: How to run a modified main.e file?  (Read 4234 times)


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How to run a modified main.e file?
« on: April 04, 2007, 04:51:30 am »
Couldn't find any topics concerning this subject. Is there any way that we can customize main.e and run it in Slickedit?

I've modified postinstall.e to stop showing the registration related dialog boxes for every new workspace created. I ran into a snag when trying to kill cool_features() from running. Modifying main.e to not call "cool_features()" does nothing. Modifying coolfeatures.e "boolean def_show_tips_on_startup = false;" does nothing. Deleting main.e and coolfeatures.e doesn't do anything either; Slickedit runs as if the files were there.

I'd like to also hack the code to also allow my default configurations to apply to all new workspaces as well as a few other initialization only routines.

Seems main.e and coolfeatures.e are buried in rescue.sta and vslick.sta. From lazyhackers forums there was post implying that main.e was hackable in version 9, but that's hardly the case now in version 12. 

Any hints on how this could be done is appreciated.
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Re: How to run a modified main.e file?
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2007, 10:47:39 pm »
Are you able to 'load main.e' on cmdline or 'Macro->Load Module->main.e' after modifying it ?
You can 'set-var def_show_tips_on_startup 0' on cmdline.
Loaded (compiled) modules are packed into vslick.sta. You can 'Macro->Unload Module-><module.e> to remove it, but you should really avoid unloading product modules. This may lead to surprising results ...