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Feature Request: ignore hidden files/folders in DiffZilla esp. for Subversion


DiffZilla needs a way to exclude Subversion .svn folders from a directory comparison. I need to compare my branch tree against the trunk tree, but any differences are completely swamped by differences inside the many .svn folders created by Subversion. A simple "ignore hidden files/folders" would do.

Just add .svn/  (.svn\ on Windows) to your "Exclude Filespecs" in the Diff dialog.

Great ! Also, is there an equivalent for the Find in files dialog, which doesn't have an 'exclude' entry ? I'm trying to search all code files in a Subversion controlled tree.

Version 11 added File Exclude capability in Find in Files.  You can configure the parameters to be a file spec (ex: *.h;*.hpp), or file name without full path (ex: readme) or pathnames with wildcards (ex: *\cvs\*;*\obj\*), or any combination thereof.


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