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Documentation and index
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:35:48 pm »
Things that are documented can be really hard to find.
I'm trying to locate the information on filename patterns.
The first words I tried, glob/globbing, pattern aren't in the index.
"wildcard" is, but nothing it points me to says anything about the "**" type syntax.
I happen to remember that it was something to do with "Ant", but "Ant" in the index doesn't say anything about it.

Searching for "**" turns up nothing.

Ah-ha -- searching for "ant wild" turns up "insert_file_list".

It would be great if "wildcard" was in the index and it pointed to a page describing wildcards :-)
Pages like "Invocation Options" references "ant-like" with a very short description - but this should include a link to the page with the full description of these wildcards.

Seems like each page that references "ant-like" has a different description of them and different examples. "Search" looks like it has the best ... does this description apply elsewhere? Specifically the exclusions, do they work the same for project wildcards?

(Also, not everyone knows what "Ant" is, or anything about it or its wildcards).

This is of course, just an example.
There are plenty of things which are hard to find in the docs.