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Invisible flyover problem

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I installed the beta version to see if I could justify the purchase of SlickeEdit for Linux. So far I cannot unless this is only an issue with the beta version. I do not have one to check this out.
We have several licenses for windows but I would have like to have one for Linux. My main reason for using Slick Edit is the support for the brief editor.

When going over the files in the Projects section I see a flyover that is light yellow with light white letters.
What's with that? I didn't see any way to change the colors for those, where do I go for that?


Which Linux?

Are you using the default color scheme in SlickEdit?  Are you using a special color scheme in your Linux?

I have not changed the color schemes yet.
The Linux I use here at work is Ubuntu 14.04. I only use ubuntu because that is the only thing that Texas Instruments supports. Redhat makes a better linux ...

I use the Mate Desktop with TraditionalGreen Theme. I tried different Themes and it doesn't make any difference.


We're still working on trying to reproduce this.  What we're seeing here with a typical Ubuntu installation is black letters on a yellow background.

You need to test with a Mate Desktop. You are likely to have issues with mint as well.
Tonight I will check to see if the same issue exists on Scientific Linux. Perhaps you should try some other background than yellow or at least make it possible to change those colors.



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