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C/C++ indent cursor placement error


Just noticed an odd indent problem when running RC1 (and also after trying it with VS 20, I see the same thing).

If I enter an "if" statement and then press Enter with the cursor after the closing ')' of the if, the cursor is correctly indented on the next line. (I don't have braces automatically inserted.) However, if I enter an if statement and then a line comment following the closing ')' of the if, when I press Enter, the cursor is not indented -- it's placed in the same column as the 'if'. If I type an opening brace, it is properly indented (per my formatting style).

The same thing happens with other statements (else, while, for) depending on whether I do or don't have a line comment. Pressing Tab does move the cursor where I expect it, so it's a relatively minor issue, but thought I'd mention it here in case it's a simple fix.

That's no good.  We'll take a look at it, it will either be in the next build, or the first hotfix, depending on how things go this week.  :)

I'm almost finished testing the fix for this, it will be in the first hotfix for v21.

Confirming this will be in the first hotfix for v21, it's checked in.  Thanks for the report.


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