Author Topic: Clean Launch Record Macro Stack Error  (Read 1152 times)


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Clean Launch Record Macro Stack Error
« on: September 15, 2016, 04:36:10 pm »
I am using the SE Record Macro feature on a clean lauch to discover SE Options
that I want to change via my SE Options module.

I use the SE Macro code to automate option selection - via Macros - to save me
time from using the GUI - when I update my SE product to a new release (and
also for beta testing).

NOT MIGRATING my state space - ensures a more stable starting point for the new
version of SE - since some residue seems to hide or obfuscate certain hard to
find bugs (ie; bugs very dependent on SE state space values - and hard to repeat
without the exact value space for the SE product state).

I was in the process of Options discovery - when a SlickC Stack error occurred -
while trying to save a macro.

The 'bug' seems repeatable on a clean launch (vs -sc) : I have attached the
relevant screen shots for the bug replication process.

My only intent (prevented by this bug) - is to get a *.e file with the code
for the option I want to set. I will then replicate the code in my SE Options
module - to set the option automatically.

I could use the XML paradigm of Option migration - but would prefer to stay with
my SE Module paradigm - via a KISS approach of 'one paradigm fits all'. In other
words ... I just load about 12 macro modules on a new install - and I'm all set
to go with the greatest software development environment on the planet :-)

I hope I am not missing something simple. It seems that I should be able to record
a macro to a *.e file - on a clean launch via 'vs -sc' - as a discover process for
the right SE code to set Options.

Thanks much ahead of time for seeing if its me - or if SE has some sort of bug.


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Re: Clean Launch Record Macro Stack Error
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2016, 06:20:24 pm »
Thanks for the report.  I was able to reproduce the Slick-C stack, I will investigate.


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Re: Clean Launch Record Macro Stack Error
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2016, 06:56:13 pm »
Note : There are other bugs regarding Option discovery via recording macros, and then
using the discovered code in my own code. I hesitate to report the bugs, however, until
I can find a good 'repeatable' clean install environment. Until then (ie; a stable context
to report and replicate bugs) - I will wait for resolution of this issue.

I did find a work around to recording macros - because I do NOT find this bug in my migrated
environment. This will help me get all my Option setup code done - and then replicate the bugs
I am seeing in a 'clean launch' envrionment - to ensure the SE dev team can then repeat them.

This way we can all work from a stable product state space (ie; a Clean Launch default state) - in order
to run the test code in a repeatble context.