Author Topic: Clean vs Migrated SE SS Impacts SE Module load viability  (Read 1037 times)


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Clean vs Migrated SE SS Impacts SE Module load viability
« on: September 15, 2016, 02:33:29 pm »
I have attached my SE Options SE module - that I use to setup my
personal configuration for the SlickEdit (SE) product.

I am currently testing out SEV21 RC1.

The attached SE Options module (ccv_envr_01_options_ref_MOD.e) ...

[1] Works in my Migrated SEV21 RC1 context....

[2] But fails with a bug (noted herein) in a clean SE SS context.

Note : SE SS == SlickEdit State Space (ie; the complete state space).

I use the "vs -sc" launch option to test out the [2] clean SE SS context.

In the [2] context the attached SE options module fails. MY SE Options
module works fine, however, in the [1] SE SS context (ie; the migrated
dirty SE SS context). My issue is that my SE Option module fails to load (see screen
shots attached) in a clean install situation.

A core point of this is that : A clean install removes all doubt about invasive
and cirtical state space issues that are impossible to test pragmatically (from
a mature product release process point of view). A clean install of every new
SE product release - allows me to stablize the product - by removing any
'invasive' states in the product state space - that make the product unstable.

My previous request for a 'clean install' feature of the SE installer - is an attempt
to stablize the product - and prevent weird and strange bugs - that keep me from
pushing SE to its limit - as a software engineering development tool.

This bug, therefore, is a primal example of complex software product instablity - due
to intractable states buried somewhere deep within the product state space.

Something in the residue state of the dirty SE SS allows my SE Module
to load OK. When I try it in a clean context (vs -sc) - on a brand new
configuration space (first time launch) : The same module fails the load
process with the bug as noted in the screen shots herein.

I have had constant issues with tab setting (via an SE Option module paradigm)
since the 2009 time frame. The bug seems to come and go based on (A) the
SE state space and (B) the version of SE I am using.

Thus, this issue has been bugging me for years :-)

There are some other issues with the SE Options module paradgim (automating
option configuration via the SE macro language) - but for now - this seems
like a repeatable problem - that can be demonstrated using the "vs - sc"
ability to launch into a clean first time SE SS environment.

I hope I am not missing some simple code issues (a bug in my code)!

Thanks for looking into this issue ahead of time.