Author Topic: RC3 MAC List-Symbols not working for some std::vector  (Read 2006 times)


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RC3 MAC List-Symbols not working for some std::vector
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:28:48 pm »
In my .h I declare a struct and in the class I declare the member variable. I then attempt to get list-symbols to work but it won't in a few cases:

From class .h
Code: [Select]
    uint8_t TxPortIpAddr[4];
    uint8_t TxPortMacAddr[6];

    uint8_t DstIpAddr[4];
    uint8_t DstMacAddr[6];

std::vector<_OUTPUT_THREAD_DATA *> m_OutThread;

Within class function
Code: [Select]
    std::vector<_OUTPUT_THREAD_DATA *>::iterator iter;

    for (iter = m_OutThread.begin();
         iter != m_OutThread.end();

When I type the -> I expect to get an auto list of the variables and it isn't working. If I change the std::vector usage to just use the structure and not pointer to the structure, this test case works: (*iter). with the '.'.

Tagging also seems to fail in that when I put my cursor on the correctly written code (*iter)->TxPortIpAddr, the tagging will find other definitions of TxPortIpAddr rather than the structure reference when I'm in my full code base. I think that's just because the parser isn't parsing the code as expected.

Part of my setup that is unique is that I'm tagging the Linux headers for std:: types because I'm just using the MAC to edit the files and I'm building for Linux environments.


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Re: RC3 MAC List-Symbols not working for some std::vector
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2016, 05:16:09 pm »
Fixed for RC4.