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I opened an existing file, did a save-as B4.txt
The new file showed up, and a new entry in vsdelta for this file.

BHB: B4.txt is the most recent entry.
Select it, then select the same in the lower pane (the lower pane has only this one file).
Click "View": It shows Version 0.

Select 2nd most recent file in the top pane.
Select B4.txt again in the lower pane.
BUG: Click "View": It shows "Version -1"

"View" is ambiguous: What version is it supposed to show?
The most recent version, or the oldest version?

For example, see BHB_History1 attachment - I've created B2, B3 and B4.
There are several versions of each, each with a version number near the top of the file.

I selected the oldest B2 in the top, and B3 on the bottom, then VIEW.
View is showing the 4th version of the file, but the title bar says "Version -1".


Now, I selected the oldest version of B3 in the top, and again I select B3 in the bottom and click View. Now View shows Version 0 in the title bar, and the 1st version of B3 text is shown.

VIEW is inconsistent and unpredictable in what version of text is shows.
The version of the text is shows is seemingly unrelated to the version number in the title bar of the View.

The user has no clear way to choose the version of the file to view.
Ideally the VIEW window would show the version information (version #, timestamp, size, etc) and let the user cycle up and down the versions for this file.

I'll look into this.


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