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BHB: Usability


In BHB, pick a old file in the top.
My BHB history has hundreds of files - so a ton of stuff shows up in the bottom pane at this point.

PROBLEM: The bottom pane always resets when you select a file in the top pane - scrolls to the top.
Finding the selected file from the top is *really* hard.

Idea1: Improve the bottom display to be a more traditional Treeview: Each Folder should list only that folder name, not the entire path. This will make it a lot more readable.

Idea2: The bottom pane should scroll the file selected in the top into view and select it automatically.

Idea3: The bottom pane should remember its position and selections for each of the files that the user has selected in the top -- so if I alternate between A and B in the top, the bottom pane toggle back and forth between those two remembered positions.

Idea4: The bottom pane should show more information for each file, in columns: Current size, # of versions, last modified timestamp.

I will take a look at these.


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