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RC4 sgrep crash

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sgrep crashed on windows and I have a crashdump for it. is still down. The crashdump is 58MBytes long.

I tried the search and 2nd time, and no crash. The search was over many 10MByte files. So it may not be easy to reproduce. Let me know how I can get the crash dump to you.

We are still working on getting this back on line. We will post when it's back on line

It's not going well getting this back up. We probably going to rig something up so we can send customers files but the other way around will take longer.

How big is the crash dump if you zip it up? The max file size limit for email so 20 megabytes.

It is 12MB with 7z compression.

You could share it out from dropbox or onedrive.


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