Author Topic: Formatting does not remember user defined settings  (Read 9076 times)


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Formatting does not remember user defined settings
« on: October 05, 2016, 10:13:15 pm »
Tools -> Options -> Languages-> All Languages -> Formatting
indent with tabs is checked, set indent to 4, tabs to 8, then apply; a confirmation box pops up asking if you are sure, select yes
go to Application Languages -> ANSI-C and chhose the same settings
then go back to All Languages formatting: The settings have been cleared out

SlickEdit Pro 2016 (v21.0.0.9 64-bit)


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Re: Formatting does not remember user defined settings
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2016, 03:04:38 am »
The All Languages settings are very tricky. When you attempt to set options for all languages, some languages are screened out but only for some options. Looks like when it compares things when starting backup it doesn't attempt to use the same logic to ignore those properties for certain languages. That's why the options always look different and are blank. Sounds like an easy fix but it isn't.

You don't need to set any options for ANSI-C to reproduce this.

A nice v21 feature: You should look at what gets added to "user.cfg.xml". v21 has a new *All Languages* profile. That way not as many profiles have to be updated. Profiles for languages with settings different than the typical language default have to be modified (Fortran, Scala, tagdoc, fundamental). Profiles for screened out languages won't get settings. SlickEdit has profiles for over 100 languages. Good thing they don't all have to be updated!