Author Topic: What features and/or improvements would you like to see in SlickEdit?  (Read 17059 times)


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SlickEdit Users,

Do you love to answer survey questions? Enjoy giving thoughtful feedback in a positive manner? Then do we have the forum for you. We would be very interested in what features and/or improvements you would like to see in SlickEdit? 


  • Who should respond?
    Everyone.  We want to hear from both long term SlickEdit users and those who are just starting out.
  • Will my idea for a feature and/or improvement be used in SlickEdit?
    Yes, no, and maybe.  We look forward to reading your ideas, and enjoy the feedback, but we can't promise, nor commit to, future features and enhancements.
  • If I see a post for an idea I think is silly should I tell that person what a waste of time his/her post is?
    No, nada, not!  Let's all play nice in the sandbox.  A waste of time to one person might be the perfect feature for another.
  • I have great ideas, but don't want to share them on the forum.  What should I do?
    We completely understand.  It's sometimes hard to share your ideas in a public forum. Please use the following webpage to contact SlickEdit Support:  We will make sure it gets to the right people.

We are looking forward to hearing/seeing everyone's ideas!
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