Author Topic: C#/WPF and ATL/COM support  (Read 3449 times)


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C#/WPF and ATL/COM support
« on: July 02, 2009, 03:12:03 AM »
-- Better C#/WPF support. 
    -- Working in a file with a .cs extension is almost unusably slow. 
    -- SlickEdit doesn't deal with the whole .xaml/.xaml.cs situation very well.  (Objects declared in the xaml aren't tagged, and you can't find them by trying look them up or looking for references.)
        I am switching more and more to VisStudio when working on C#/WPF stuff.

-- Better ATL/COM (C++) support.  Tagging is terrible for many ATL constructs.
Completion is non-existent for constructs like CComPtr:
   CComPtr<EnvDTE::Windows> pWindows;
pWindows->                  // SlickEdit offers nothing...
    Same here: using VisStudio more and more just to get IntelliSense.