Author Topic: Selective Display, Visual Studio projects, SVN  (Read 3038 times)


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Selective Display, Visual Studio projects, SVN
« on: July 02, 2009, 08:50:27 pm »
1)  Native MAC support.

2)  Have an option to always display the "Selective Display" Expansion boxes.  Currently, you have to use buttons on the titlebar to enable the "+ and -" to show/hide blocks or code.  It would be nice if this feature was always on, and I could change what items get a button (Comments is currently missing, case elements in C is missing, perhaps function calls that are multi-line?, Pre-processor Directives, Functions, etc).

3)  The ability to add Slickedit projects to a Slick-edit Workspace, which is derived from a Microsoft Visual Studio Workspace.  For example, we have a project here that has four components, two of which are Visual Studio projects & workspace, one Borland Compiler Slickedit project, and one Install Shield Compiler Slickedit project.  It would be nice if I could add the two slickedit projects (Borland and Install Shield) to the Slickedit "version" of the Visual Studio workspace.  Especially since not everything uses Slickedit here, some use Visual Studio.  It should still (ideally) maintain the Visual Studio projects/workspace settings, keeping them in sync.

4)  Integration with Visual C 6 Debugger.

5)  Better integration with SVN.  Displaying the status of the files (like is done with Visual Source-safe in slickedit, or how Tortoise SVN does it in Explorer).