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References, Preview, Projects, per-window color schemes
« on: July 07, 2009, 09:23:35 pm »
1) Native Mac version

If this was available, I'd be buying two SlickEdit licenses rather than just one.

2) Improvements to the References window

I often want to see how/where a variable is used or a function is called. The References window is perfect for this, but too often I'm scrolling around and clicking on different items before I find what I'm looking for. I think restructuring the References window could really improve productivity.

I'd like to see three columns in the References window:

a) File Name (Name of the file containing the reference)
b) Context (Function name, variable name, etc. containing the reference)
c) Content (Actual source line showing the symbol in question)

The first two items are already shown in the References window. However, I'd prefer to see the file names and contexts as simple lists in their own separate columns rather than the tree-like view that is used now.  The second column would show the context(s) only from the file that is highlighted in the first column.

The third column would be new, and it would show the single source line containing the reference within the context listed in column 2. This feature would allow me to quickly scan the list of references to find the type of usage that I'm looking for. Currently, I have to click on the context and wait for the Preview window to be updated with the source code. I definitely want that feature too (because I want to see what's around the reference also). But I want to be able to quickly scan the list of reference usages without having to click on each one.

So there would be a one-to-many relationship between the file names in column 1 and the contexts in column 2. Then there would be a one-to-one relationship between the contexts listed in colum 2 and the reference usage in column 3. And maybe there would be two separate scroll bars, one for column 1 and the other for columns 2 and 3.

3) Improvements to the Preview window

I'd like to see the HTML-formatted Comments pane promoted to its own tool window. Then I could hide it or move it independently of the Preview window. Although they work in unison, I think they serve very different purposes and I'd like to be able to enable or disable those two different windows independently. I'd prefer that precious screen real-estate to be available for the Preview window contents. I have the the Comments pane shrunk down so much that it's really not useful. If it was an independent tool window I could move it to a different area of the screen where it would be hidden most of the time.  The Preview window, on the other hand, I want to be visible at all times.

Then I'd like to have the symbol list changed from a list box to a drop-down combo box. That would give me even more screen real-estate for the Preview window contents.

I never use the toolbar-like buttons on the right side of the Preview window. Aren't there other ways to invoke those functions?I'd like to see those buttons removed, thereby giving me even more screen space.

I'd also like the Preview window to always go to the definition of a symbol first. Seeing the function defintion (implementation) is much more useful for me than seeing the function prototype first.
Edit: This feature is already available in the Context Tagging options.

4) Tighten up the directory tree in the Projects window

The Projects tool window is very useful so I have it open all the time, but it takes away valuable space from my main edit window. (Yeah, again with the valuable screen real-estate thing!) The window has to be wider than I'd like because of the directory depth. If source files are located just 3 or 4 directories down from the root directory, there is a good inch of horizontal screen area that is wasted space.

I would like to eliminate a project's root directory path from the tree view entirely. I'd like the tree view to contain only the files and directories that exist under the project's root directory. That would eliminate the wasted horizontal space.  See the attached images that I've mocked up.

5) Selection Diff

I agree with dunkers suggestion for Selection Diff. There are times when I want to compare two sections of code in the same file, or two sections of code from different files. It would be great if I could just highlight those two sections and diff them.

6) Ability to set the background and text colors of all windows

I don't like to stare at a bright white background all day, so my main edit window has a grey background. But other windows in SlickEdit use the default system colors (which is black text on a white background.) I'd like to be able to change the colors of these windows in SlickEdit without having to change my default system colors.

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