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* Editor should never stall when I'm typing to retrieve suggestions.
(especially on a quad-core CPU with 3gb of memory).

At the moment I have a bunch of hard to maintain macros to adjust the behaviour of the SlickEdit editor, which I'd like to see as standard options. I love SlickEdit, but maintaining macros that modify the cursor movement is not great and it makes moving to another editor each iteration just as easy as staying with SlickEdit.

So I'd like to see new options for:

* Allow tabs in tab groups to be individually toggled with key bindings. If the tab group is open, but the tab isn't visible, the toggle should swap to that tab.
* Customize where caret is placed after paste operations, different macros should be able to be bound for different positions.
* Only delete or cut selection when cursor is over it.
* Only indent/unindent selections when cursor is over it.
* Zero size selection is a de-selection.
* Margin wrapping controlled independantly for left and right margin. Specifically so left margin wraps while right margin moves into virtual space.
* Home key moves to first character, start of line, start of page, start of buffer.
* Delete joins next line to current line if cursor is past end of line.
* White space is automatically collapsed for next/prev work, line deletion and end-of-line operations. So, pressing delete at the start of a whitespace line will delete it, and next-prev word will stop at the start and end of lines ignoring the presence of extra white space.

Feature wise I'd like to see:

* More C++ refactoring tools like Visual Assist X, like 'create method from prototype'.

Edit: File tabs changes:

* Rearranging file tabs with the mouse.
* Option to stack file tabs instead of scrolling them.
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