Author Topic: Options change too much between releases  (Read 1960 times)


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Options change too much between releases
« on: October 28, 2009, 11:11:03 PM »
I've been using SE since Ver 8.  I'm now using Ver 10 & 11.  Why don't I use 14?  Because I hate the updates.  I think it is great that SE supports the latest flavor-of-the-day script/programming language.  But SE really sucks when it comes to setup.  I spend hours trying to get the latest version to act and perform like the old comfortable version. 
Setting X is hidden under menu option Y, under heading G.  Hey, lets screw with the ol-timers.  Lets move X to menu R, under heading W.  Hell, if we do that, we should go ahead and rename it, or reference it differently.  That will really reformat their hard-drive.