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--run-in-bg option, copy in history diff window, import options
« on: December 11, 2009, 01:23:39 AM »
1. For the Linux version, a way to have it run in the background when launched from a command shell, the same way that gvim does, so that it doesn't hang up the shell. Maybe a command-line option (--run-in-background) or environment variable.

Of course you can put an & after it (with bash/sh) to achieve that, but by default SE only launches a new copy of itself on the first run and so if left open the & isn't needed on subsequent runs. Hence the "muscle memory" of typing the & from doing it all the time isn't there and its easy to forget.

2. A copy mechanism in the backup history diff window. The backup history is a great feature that I use a lot, but I sometimes find that I want to retrieve some text from an old version of the file, but don't want it to overwrite the new text that has replaced it in the current version. Currently there is no easy way (that I can find) to do that. I can select the text in the old file, and if there was then a right-click menu item or a button to copy the selected text to the clipboard, that would be very nice.

3. Also the history diff window really needs to be big to see the two diffs, but in a new se session it always opens very small and needs to be stretched out. It would be nice if it remembered the diff window size from last time and opened the window to that size (it remembers it and uses the same size through one se session, but if se is closed then next time the history diff window is opened it is back to the "too small" default size).

4. An "import options" feature. At work I use SE in Windows, SE in Linux launched from a user account, SE in Linux launched by root, and I have SE in Windows and in Linux at home too. I want them all to behave identically, and configuring the options in each one separately is a pain in the butt.
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