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Wildcard projects
« on: October 26, 2016, 09:14:31 pm »
When are the set of files in a wildcard project updated?
The documentation says when Slick is started, but that obviously cannot be right.

For non-wildcard projects there is a "Refresh" button that lets you update the set of files based on something -- but what wildcards does it use for that?

The Workspace Properties dialog should also have a "Refresh all projects" button - I have a number of projects in my workspace - having to go into each project properties window to hit Refresh is far too inconvenient.
It seems that the implementation for "Refresh" is part of the project properties dialog rather than a function of project - making it not really scriptable - especially since it prompts you about deleting files as well (it should at least take a parameter).

I was looking for a way to improve performance of Slick when I switch to it ... seems like when my machine is busy building switching away from Slick, then back again - slick has a long delay when it regains focus. Looks like it is scanning the workspace files. Is this just for tagging, or is it because I have a bunch of wildcard projects?