Author Topic: if I want to change "vusrobjs.e" ,is there any easy way to compile "vusrobjs.e"  (Read 6369 times)


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As a fresh man using SE now, I create some new forms, and I find the information of my forms stored in the "vusrobjs.e".
But it is strange that the form can not be removed, Even I delete the form information in "vusrobjs.e", the form still can be seen in "open form" dialog box. 
I want to compile "vusrobjs.e" by "Load Modul",but failed.
when I delete "vslick.sta" and run SE again, it seems "vusrobjs.e" have been compiled and the form is removed. But all the other macros I have loaded before are lost now, I have to add them all again.
if I want to change "vusrobjs.e" ,is there any easy way to compile  "vusrobjs.e" without reloading other macros later or losing something else?
Could someone tell me how the SE works in this way.
And more strange thing is that sometimes the deleted content in "vusrobjs.e" can be restored automatically.
thanks a lot for any hints


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I don't know of a way to delete a form other than by deleting vslick.sta as you found.

Loading vusrobjs.e (or any other macro file), adds (or replaces) whatever forms, menus etc are in the file to your state file - it doesn't delete anything.

What was the error you got when loading vusrobjs.e ?

I guess you could try "unload module" on vusrobjs.e if you feel like experimenting - maybe use a second config folder for experimenting.  vusrobjs.e contains a batch macro (defmain) - it executes immediately when loaded.

Your vusrdefs.e file should contain a list of all the macro files you have loaded.

BTW - have you got a copy of "Slick-C Macro Conventions and Best Practices for End Users.pdf" from the slick website (under support)?

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SE collects all modifed or added forms in vusrobjs.e. IIRC you can 'delete' an added form by unloading vusrobjs.ex ('Macro->Unload Module' / 'unload' on cmdline) and removing the unwanted form code.
I think it's reloaded automatically. If not, you can comment defmain() and load it interactively (and uncomment) or try '<pathToVs>vs.exe -p <pathToConfigDir>vusrobjs.e' in a shell.
You can also (re-)creates and verify the list the user forms by using 'list-objects' on cmdline (similar to list-keydefs).

Sometimes it's useful to extract your form code from this module and put it into your own module.



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thanks a lot for the reply of Graeme and HS2.
Because  I will be busy in something else for several days, I 'll try as you mentioned above later.

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