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Add more code templates
« on: December 15, 2011, 08:16:51 pm »
One thing I'd really like to see is for the variety of provided templates to really be beefed up, including things like various source licenses, all the common patterns (for OOLs), etc.  More is better, esp. when first setting up a project or work environment.

Another thing that'd be useful is explicit support for "scoped" templates (allow users to create/edit their own, but also support team-/project-wide ones, etc.).  Offering some manner of "dynamic" template editing:  smart field selection/completion, with descriptions, etc.; on-the-fly definition of new fields just typing;  would help speed template creation/editing. 

Giving us the ability to "#include" other templates, esp. team-/project-wide definitions (to support things like team license definitions, etc.) would also help in team situations where someone else may be maintaining license text, etc. but we want the current version pulled into every template we use.  In fact, the whole set of generic pre-processing directives would be nice to have in templates (#include, #define, #if/#ifdef/#else/#endif, etc.).

Some of the above may be there already (I'm still digging into what's been added recently), if so, well, consider it support for the feature!   ;)