Author Topic: Be able to configure the tag file directory for workspace  (Read 537 times)


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Be able to configure the tag file directory for workspace
« on: February 16, 2014, 08:00:48 pm »
I would REALLY REALLY like to be able to configure the tag file directory to be in a directory on my local hard disk, while having the workspace file on my networked drive !!!

The tie-ing of the tag file location to the workspace directory is causing me really big headaches.

In my (very large) company, it is most convenient to work with the source controlled files on a networked drive (for un-writeprotect via clearcase checkout).  This is very unfortunate, but I can't get the company to change to something like git right away.

I want to keep my .vpw file under source control, but if I do, it will end up on a network drive, and hence, the tag file will be on the network drive, and this slows down SE significantly.

If I don't have the .vpw file under source control, I need to manually create it each time.  This involves inserting various projects from different locations, involving lots of gui navigating.  It is very annoying to keep repeating.

I'd rather have a way to specify with something like an environment variable the path on my local hard disk where to store all workspace tag files.

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