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A way to delete specific entries in MRU's (histories).
Arrow down or right click on a history entry, press or select delete and remove it. This is for, Search for:, Replace with:, recent files, recent projects, etc. Look at MS Outlook "To:" and Boxer Text editor for examples.,11121.0.html

In search results, show filename only, no path?
I don't often have duplicate file names and the path in the results just clutters it. Futher, if the search results window is docked tot he left or right instead of the bottom, the user can never see the file name.,11120.msg46834.html#msg46834

Problem when docking Find\Replace & Results together.
If Find & Results are docked into the same frame, the Find dialog always comes to the top after a search. The user needs to see the results.,11119.msg46833.html#msg46833

C\C++ beautifier does not fix #define tabs.
I would be a nice addition if the beautifier could line up the values #defines.
#define ONE  1
#define TWO       2
#define THREE                   3

#define ONE            1
#define TWO            2
#define THREE          3  (may not come out exactly right on forum due to variable spaced font),11118.msg46831.html#msg46831

Default support for embedded programming syntax:
TI C2000      asm, C, C++
TI MSP430     asm, C, C++
Freescale K60 asm, C, C++
Also TI & Freescale RTOS aware would be nice.,10790.msg45539.html#msg45539

Ability to split the screen with two of many open files without closing or minimizing all of the other files.,9722.msg41553.html#msg41553

User configuration for line number width and font.,9711.msg41550.html#msg41550
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