Author Topic: highlight or color code unused definitions, e.g. dead code  (Read 824 times)


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I was just thinking that it would be nice if Slickedit had an option that displayed a context menu if a shortcut combination has multiple possibilities. For example, if I have these keys:
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defeventtab default_keys;
def 'C-T' 'c'= string_copy;
def 'C-T' 'v'= string_paste;
def 'C-T' 'w'=transpose_word;

Then when I press C-T, I should be displayed a context menu with
"c -- string_copy"
"v -- string_paste"
"w -- transpose_word"

Then pressing either c, v, or w should give me the desired command. I don't know it might be useful for some and annoying for others.