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Lock keyboard bindings
« on: September 13, 2016, 02:46:53 am »
Under MDIMenu -> Tools -> Options -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Advanced

OPTION : Lock keyboard bindings

VALUE  : On/Off

The intent is to lock the keyboard bindings once set.

I've only used one keyboard mapping since college - decades ago.
Its a custom mapping of my own design.

On occasion I somehow mistype - and somehow reset a key or change
its binding. I try to reload my keybinding macro module - but to
no avail. These incidents are very rare - but frustrating when
they happen because I have to destroy the SE installation and rebuild
the install sequence (unless I save the *.sta state file and any
other config stuff in a safe place - and just copy it back to the
user SE config file directory).

It would be nice to 'lock' the keybindings in place after I set
up a new version of SlickEdit. I could then 'lock' the configuration
when I'm done - and not have this occasional but frustrating problem.

I attached my keybinding config module - which I use every time I
install a new version of Slickedit. Its one of many modules I use to
setup an SE installation - and then customize it.

These mis-type incidents are rare. They usually happen late at night when
I'm tired, etc.