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Dialogs and clipboard inheritence
« on: November 22, 2016, 10:37:35 PM »

I'm trying to figure out how Slick dialogs work, but I'm getting really confused here.

I created a dialog with 3 check boxes.
I created lbutton_up() handlers for each.

Then I created another, and copied those check boxes from the first into the 2nd.
When I double-click a checkbox in the 2nd it gives a 3 choice dialog: Inherit, Goto inherited code, Don't inherit code.

When I select Inherit, it inserts this code:

    defeventtab JoesRegEx2.ctlcheck3 _inherit JoesRegEx.ctlcheck3;
    void ctlcheck3.lbutton_up()


But this has the effect of overriding the check3 functionality from the first dialog.
It shouldn't insert the function here.

Also, where is the state kept track of?
In trying to repro for writing this I deleted the above code, then in that 3-choice dialog "Inherit" was disabled - I couldn't get it back to how it was originally. So, I deleted check3 from the 2nd dialog and copied it in again.