Author Topic: How to debug PHP on a remote server with no PHP on my computer?  (Read 4529 times)


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How to debug PHP on a remote server with no PHP on my computer?
« on: January 31, 2018, 02:58:24 pm »
SlickEdit Pro 2017 (v22.0.1.0 64-bit)


I'd like to debug a running PHP site on a remote server.

I do not have PHP on the computer where I have Slickedit installed.

The instructions for using the PHP debugger are mostly focused on people who have PHP installations and local versions of a site on their computers.   

I followed those instructions as far as I could.

Toward the end there was a small bit for what I want to do, but not enough for me to understand what to do:

Using an SSH Tunnel to Debug a Remote Web Page
If your web server resides on a host that supports ssh, then it is very convenient to set up an ssh tunnel to tunnel debugger connections from your remote server back to your local machine. As an example, if your remote web server is called '' and you are using the default debugger connection settings of on port 9000 both locally and on the remote server, then start an ssh tunnel with the following command:

        ssh -R 9000:

Where would I enter that tunnel command?  In a terminal?  Somewhere in the Slickedit settings?  Would I do just that and then follow the instructions for people who have a local copy of the PHP site & PHP?   

Basically, where do I put that tunnel command and how do I connect the debugger to the remote running site?

Thanks much for any clues.