Author Topic: Indicate externs/prototypes in window with Ctrl+. or give option to remove them  (Read 1410 times)


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When I am code browsing C/C++, I sometimes press Ctrl+. to see the definition of a function or a global variable.

If there are "externs" for data, or prototypes for functions, then SE presents me with a window that shows a listing of not just the real definition, but all the externs/prototypes.

I then have to click on each one in order to find which one is not the extern/prototype - I'm usually most interested in seeing the one that is the true definition.

Could SE provide some indication in this window as to which listings are externs/.prototypes?

Then I would not waste time by clicking on each entry (sometimes I have up to 10) to find the one I am looking for.

If there could be an option to remove the externs/prototypes from the list, or even a checkbox in that list when it was presented to remove externs/prototypes from the listing, it could make things easier. But having an indicator of extern/prototype would be very useful.



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The bitmap is different for a prototype (declaration) vs. a function (definition).   fx

There is also an option to prioritize navigation to the symbol definition, then Ctrl+Dot will take you directly to the definition (provided there is only one).  If there are multiples, you will be prompted with both prototypes and function definitions, because, gosh, if you are going to have to choose anyway, why not have ALL the choices, you know, sometimes you do need to get to the prototype too!

Another feature to pay attention to is that when you hit Ctrl+Dot and select and item from the list, look at the message line, you can hit Ctrl+Dot again to cycle through the other items in the list, and Ctrl+Comma to cycle backwards through the list.  This stays in effect until you do something other than Ctrl+Dot or Ctrl+Comma.
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