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Help! Contents
« on: March 15, 2017, 06:20:03 pm »
The "Contents" of the HELP is really sparse.

For example "API Documentation" isn't a folder, but does have two pages underneath it.
Macro functions by category, and C Function By category should be part of the table of contents.
Ideally, the contents of "Macro functions by category" would also be in the TOC.

The "Sync with TOC" button in HELP doesn't work very well.
Sometimes it seems like it doesn't work at all (for pages that I know for sure are in the TOC).
Sometimes it is just very imprecise.
For example, goto the page "Case Modification in Replace" (which actually does exist in the TOC).
Click "SYNC", and you are taken to the top-level "Regular expressions" topic instead of the "Case Modification in Replace" topic

Really BIG Pages.
Too much of the Regular Expressions documentation is on a single "Page" in the help.
In fact, it appears that everything under "Tools and Utilities->Regular expressions" is all one page.
This makes "Find" on that page hard to use.
This happens all the time when I'm looking up something about PERL RegEx, but "Find" finds things in the Slick RegEx section ... but without scrolling up/down a bit I can't tell what section I'm in.