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Clipboard: Copy-as
« on: April 20, 2017, 11:07:06 pm »
I have my clipboard set to use HTML format.
Unfortunately, I don't always want this because some programs don't handle the formatted text correctly, and often do not have an easy way to paste-special to strip the formatting.

I find myself toggling this HTML setting in slick, or copy from slick, paste then copy in notepad, then paste to my real target ... annoying.

OTOH, maybe you could fix the HTML format?
I find that pasting into Onenote gets inconsistent results .... The colors and formatting work, but some lines loose their indent.

Pasting a char selection (less than a line of text) into Office (outlook, word, onenote) -- Office seems to always add a newline at the end. (This doesn't happen in gmail running in chrome).

The formatting of the last character continues as I type more text in gmail, but not in office.