Author Topic: Cross-reference search is missing usage of member variable in constructor  (Read 71 times)


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I have a case where a cross-reference search is missing usage of member variable in a C++ constructor.

To reproduce:

I uploaded a sample project to, the file name is:

Unzip it and open the workspace.

Go to line 741 of StackWalker.cpp and highlight "m_stackLogFile".

Press Ctrl+/

You will notice that the places where m_stackLogFile is used in the constructor (lines 741 and 745) are not in the cross-reference output :(.

Note that this code compiles fine. I did not include all the source files needed to compile, nor the makefile, but I think what I provided is sufficient, SE should be finding the references at lines 741 and 745, but it is not.

I am using 21.0.2 on windows x64 with

Thanks for taking a look,
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