Author Topic: Linux kernel development, anyway to import files from make tags (ctags)  (Read 606 times)


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I know ctags support was added but is there anyway slickedit can use the generated ctags to just get the files to tag  to generate native slickedit tag file?

the kernel has a  tags make target that correctly only tags the files and more importantly the correct include paths. (ie you don't want to mix in the dev box's standard include files that might be different than the ones  you are working with).


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SlickEdit can import files/ folders into a project.  In the project properties dialog, click the "import" button in the bottom right corner.  If you can create a list of files/ folders, slick can import them.

Import file - the import file containing a list of the files and directories to be added to the current project. Use the browse button to navigate to and select the file. Each line in the file should contain the full path of a file or a directory to be added to the project. For directories, the application will add the files within that directory to the project.

Recurse directories - Check this box to recurse into the subdirectories of directories specified in the import file.

File types - Check this box to include only specific file types when adding files from directories specified in the import file. Select a file type from the combo box or add your own. If this box is not checked, then all the files found will be added (*.*). The file type restriction does not apply to individual files listed in the import file. They will be added to the project regardless of this setting.


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I create a shell script that scans the kernel source tree and creates a Slickedit project (vpj).  When I open the project, the built-in tagger tags all the files.  It's not perfect, but it works well enough.