Author Topic: Code Annotations needs some love  (Read 266 times)


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Code Annotations needs some love
« on: June 23, 2017, 06:50:08 pm »
Please, either fix this feature or cut it.
I find it really attractive as it could be so useful, yet it really needs some love as it doesn't work well.
Every time I try to make use of it, I get seriously disappointed.

#1: Its got lots of bugs
#2: Its got lots of usability issues.

I reported a slick stack yesterday.

Today, I tried looking at the annotations I created yesterday, and they don't show up.
(well -- sortof. ShowTypes "Show all" was selected. The list of annotations was empty, yet  the Comment box showed the comment for one of the annotations).

Hm...So I started digging for the settings.
I created a new annotation file with a unique name to make it easy to search for.
Seems to only appear in vslick.STA and vrestore.SLK

ExportAllSettings doesn't save any annotations settings (like the locations for extra *.sca files).
Seems like this is a setting and it should export/import, no?

Then I closed slick and ran it again.
Now my yesterday annotations reappeared, but the new annotation file I just created went missing!

Annotations settings should appear in Tools->Options someplace, but they don't.

I also noticed when I went to create the new annotation file that in the AnnotationFileManager, it had no annotation files.
After adding the new file and restarting Slick, while the new annotation file was no longer there, now in the file manager I see (Personal Annotations), (Project Annotations), (Workspace Annotations).


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Re: Code Annotations needs some love
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2017, 06:51:39 pm »
While I'd like to like this feature, I recommend cutting it, as there are other much more important features that need more work, and I assume you have limited resources to do all this stuff.