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Import options from VS2013 v18.0.1.2 64-bit failing

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I installed the beta version and tried to import my current options I use on SlickEdit v18.0.1.2 64-bit and the process stop and fails with the following windows/stack.
Dialog Title: Importing options...
Dialog text Importing Tcl > General...
(a progress bar stopped)

Dialog Title: Click-C Error
Dialog Text: Invalid Argument file=OptionsXMLParser.ex offset=16154
[stack first lines]
 Invalid argument
OptionsXMLParser.ex 16154 se.options.OptionsXMLParser.retrieveSelectChoices(
   1:   ._typename()=se.options.OptionsXMLParser
   1:   .m-xmlHandle=11
   1:   .m-xmlFile=options.xml
   1:   .m-defaultFile=0
   1:   .m-templates:[language_setup_auto-complete]=<empty>
   1:   .m-templates:[language_setup_view]=<empty>
   1:   .m-templates:[_language_setup_beautifier]=<empty>
   1:   .m-templates:[lexer_editor]._typename()=se.options.DialogExporter
   1:   .m-templates:[lexer_editor].m-caption=
   1:   .m-templates:[lexer_editor].m-panelHelp=Color Coding is a feature that displays various portions of code in color for

Note: I have distributed those options successfully to other team members on the same version I have.

After I closed all those windows, SlickEdit did not load my options (expected) but start to send dialog boxes

Dialog Title: SlickEdit Pro
Dialog Text: Color coding profile 'cpp': Invalid type 'dqbackslash'

text between ' ' changes, but opens one after other and is impossible to work   :'(

I can share my current options if useful, let me know where to upload files.

Please post your .zip file.  Thanks

Here is my file

Here is the stack failure in case somebody is interested, and some images of the failure.

dialogs is an example of what I see one after other when trying to work, after import options failed...

Reproduced. Working on it.


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