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Question about the "new dark theme"


I already had a dark theme in V21, but I had customized it a little bit. But in V22 I still see that my Project, Smart Open, etc are still white.

How to get the "New Dark Theme" that is listed in the beta features?
Will the "New Dark Theme" also make the Project, Smart Open, etc windows dark as well?
Will I have to reapply my customizations if I switch to a "New Dark Theme"?

Options>Appearance>General, Application Theme

Setting the theme is separate from editor window color profile.


Thanks Rodney! Just activated it!

I have my color profile set to "Dark: Black" and now theme is on "Dark".

The greys in Project, Smart Open, etc are definitely an improvement!

But still the greys there don't match the black in my editor windows, so it may take some getting used to. Would be nice if it could match up more.


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