Author Topic: Beta3: Error when opening Maven workspace (pom.xml) where the name has spaces  (Read 1148 times)


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When opening "Other Workspace" and choosing maven, I get this error if the name in the pom.xml has spaces in it:
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Unsupported extension for workspace filename.  Can't open C:\Users\msilva\Documents\GitHub\ghprb-plugin\GitHub

In particular the name is <name>GitHub Pull Request Builder</name>.
If I remove the spaces I do not get the error.
If I hit "OK", it still creates and opens a workspace. I wasn't sure if the workspace generated after the error would be complete or correct so I removed the spaces and used that generated workspace instead.

I also reproduced this error with v21.


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Thanks for the report.  I reproduced the issue and will work get a fix in for for next beta drop.