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Encoding and New Files
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:27:06 pm »
So, I'm trying to make sense of encoding options...
Usually when I create a new file in Slick I get SBCS/DBCS encoding - not what I usually want.

In File->New: Encoding and LineEndings are set to "AUTOMATIC".

I did find "Tools > Options > Languages > All Languages > File Options" : LineFormat and set it to (LF).
This seems to change the LineFormat setting for all languages, but the fact that it over-writes all these options isn't very clear in this dialog.

It is really weird that LineFormat is specific to the language, but Encoding it specific to the File Exension.
Seems like they would go together: Either ther are both Laguage settings, or both Extension settings.

Options SUGGESTION #1:
   There should be a visible indicator in the individual languages for the settings that are different than the "All Languages" setting.
   Maybe also a button in each individual language to reset its options to align with AllLanguages.

Options SUGGESTION #2:
   In each Language, Tools > Options > Languages > * > * > File Options
   You can see and set the Line Endings, but not Encoding.
   Encoding is in an entirely different place, and is at file extension scope: these should have the same scope.
   Encoding for the language should also be in FileOptions.

   Setting the Encoding for the language would set the encoding for all extensions associated with the language.

Options SUGGESTION #3:
   In Options: Tools > Options > Languages > File Extension Manager
   This shows the encoding per langauge (along with  a couple of other things).
   This interface would actually be a really nice way to present many of the settings in "All Languages".
   It would allow me to quickly click thru the lanauges I care about and adjust their settings.
   Along with Encoding, it should have
      Line Endings.
      View->Line Numbers
      Auto-Close options
      Auto-Surround options

Note that this would not change anything or add anything to the actual options themselves, this is just a different presentation of the same data.