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Cool Features finder...
« on: September 19, 2017, 09:58:48 pm »
Ideally in the menu bar, but could be in a toolbar...
A feature-search box.

Enter text in this box and Slick would find matching features.
  For example, type "definition" and Slick would display
    Command: push-tag
    Keyboard: Ctrl+., F12
    Menu: Search -> Go to definition
    A "execute command" button to invoke it.

The data behind the search box is a mix of manually entered text and generated.
The manually entered text would be similar to the contents of the "Cool Features" dialog box Topics button.
The data for the feature finder would need to be much broader that the limited set of CoolFeatures, but it would not include everything.

This would generate a macro name.
From the macro name Slick would auto-generate the list of keyboard short cuts and menu references. This data isn't complete though so some manual augmentation would be necessary here.

It should also be possible for users to easily add to this --- similar to a spell checker when the user can add custom words to a dictionary.