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High DPI Issues
« on: September 28, 2017, 09:15:58 pm »
This is on Windows 10.
My desktop computer has a "normal" dpi display - 1920x1080.

My laptop is high DPI (3200x1800).
I set the display to be 3200x1800 with Scaling at 175%.

I start Slick on the desktop, then use remote desktop from laptop to desktop.
Slick has a bunch of display issues with this.
    Many icons are displayed incorrectly
    Scrollbars are overwritten with text and not displayed as scroll bars (though they still take up space).

Restarting Slick fixes the issues, until I log back in on the console at normal DPI - then Slick display is again confused and requires restart.

I just found however that if I set Application Theme to DARK, then Slick has no problems making the switch -- it "just works".
If Slick is in a confused state, switching to Dark makes it display properly, though dark.
Switching back to "System", and Slick display is again confused --- the only fix appears to be restarting Slickedit.