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Ctrl+F, Ctrl+E in Tools->Options
« on: September 29, 2017, 10:59:12 pm »
I'm very used to being able to type Ctrl+F or Ctrl+E to search.
Ctrl+F is usually the current doc.
Ctrl+E is often search at greater scope (web search in chrome, AllNotebooks in OneNote)

It would be great if these would work in Tools->Options to put focus on the search edit box.

Currently - they don't.
WORSE: If focus is already in the edit box, Ctrl+F actually inserts character 0x06 -- never what is wanted here.
WORSE again: Control characters in this edit box appear to be spaces, and prevent search from actually working. Type Ctrl+FBackup, and Backup will not be found.

In the big-find search box, Ctrl+F doesn't do anything.
Ctrl+Q, Ctrl+F will insert 0x06 - rarely used but certainly a good idea here.