Author Topic: HighDPI && Multimon && Scaling 2  (Read 1899 times)


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HighDPI && Multimon && Scaling 2
« on: October 03, 2017, 03:13:37 pm »
So I tried reversing it - Slick on lowdpi, list-buffers on high-dpi.
Sort of as expected, list-buffers showed up tiny.

Unexpected, it shows tiny even when Slick rejoins it on highdpi.

First: To move a window between monitors I use Shift+Windows+Arrow
Slick on LowDPI - not maximized.
Open list-buffers on LowDPI.
Jump list-buffers to high-dpi.
Close list-buffers.
Jump Slick to high-dpi
Open list-buffers.
List-buffers open tiny (see attached).
Drag list-buffers and it pops to normal size.