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Selection and Find wish
« on: October 04, 2017, 05:46:52 pm »
I have Tools > Options > Editing > Search -> InitializeSearchString == History Retrieval and SelectedText IfExists.

This is mostly OK - except when I select a large block of text intending to do a search in <Current Selection>

Ideally, Slick would know what is my intention and do the right thing.
But in this case, with a large selection Slick could just not jam it into the SearchFor box.

Have a button or hotkey to populate SearchFor with the selected text instead of "SelectedTextIfExists".
Then when I open Find, SearchFor would always be History, and I could hit <Key> and it would get the selected text.

This would would better with AutoEscapeRegEx as well - since this doesn't work now when you toggle UseRe.

Add a button or hotkey to trigger the escape RE function.
Currently, it only has the automatic setting - not always what I want.

Hmm..add regex escaping functionality to the Clipboards dialog.
Clipboards could have:
Paste as escaped RegEx
Paste Unicode As (the behavior of edit -> Other ->Copy Unicode As, but during paste instead of copy).
Paste As ....

Oh wait ... I guess this is the same as the PasteSpecial functionality we have already asked for :-)


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Re: Selection and Find wish
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2017, 08:31:48 pm »
#1:  I agree, I think you would never want a multi-line selection to populate the search field just about 100% of the time.  A single-line LINE selection may or may not be what want, that one is trickier.

#2: That should be possible, maybe even easy.  Adding that feature request to my list.

#3: There is "Escape Special Characters" drop-down action button next the search text box along with all the other Regular Expressions helpers.  Applies the escapes to the current search string based on the current selected regular expression syntax.