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Bug reporting is too hard
« on: October 06, 2017, 06:13:21 pm »
I've complained about this before, and really this should go into suggestions, but ...
Bug reporting is too hard.

#1 Help->Contact Support.
This opens a dialog with a "Submit" button to include essential information.
However, it opens a WEB page with that information missing, and it requires that I go back and copy the information from the ABOUT box.

It shouldn't do that - it should just copy that information for me -- or at *least* put it in the clipboard so it is easily available to paste into the web page.

#2: Contact Support should also have the option to include more configuration.
Slick support has posted in these forums directions on how to upload user configuration as well as numerous times asking people to try with a clean configuration.

Automate this!

ContactSupport should include options to automatically collect and include the configuration information.

Contact Support could also have a button "Launch Clean Instance of Slickedit" - to automatically start another instance of Slickedit with the default configuration.


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Re: Bug reporting is too hard
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 08:36:06 pm »

Especially: the idea of a short-cut to a command that starts a completely new blank start-up configuration e.g. (MS Windows style) vs.exe -sc %SLICKEDITCONFIG%\temp-config, so that no experiments affect your current in-use configuration. Maybe put it in a folder "temp-profile" in whatever is your current in-use configuration or observe whatever value of %SLICKEDITCONFIG% may be set. For extra credit: if that new command encounter an already existing temporary config folder, then put up a dialog: "Delete current temporary configuration folder contents and start a new temporary configuration? (Yes/No/Exit)"

Automating the collection of relevant configuration folder files: this might best be done from a new dialog "Setup Export Configuration Groups" in a separate grouping on the Options-->"Export/Import Options" pane. It would be sufficient to list all the usual persistent configuration files in a chooser similar to that already used for the Options categories in "Setup Export Groups" and produce a nice zip file that could be used for backup purposes as well as uploading to SlickEdit support or postings in this forum.

Enough Saturday afternoon brain-waves....
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