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search-results not auto-scrolling
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:37:41 pm »
This is a long standing bug with search results scroll state that until now I've been unable to give good repro steps.

Do a FIF with a bunch of matches- and for example, the results go to Search<7>
Press and hold F3 -- it scans down thu the results and scrolls as expected.

Hover the mouse over the results and spin the mouse wheel - make the current match not visible.

Now search results no longer keeps the current match visible when you F3/Shift+F3 thru the results.
It oughta.

This state persists for the given search result tab even when you do a new FIF with results to the same tab - Search<7>.
Presumably, when you have results set to "auto increment", this state will persist for this tab (Search<7>) even when you cycle back around to it. This is why I think it was so hard to figure this out!

When the new results are smaller than the old, the scrolling is weird.

When the new results are *longer*, then the search results tab starts showing the new results partially scrolled down already - not the first result at the top as expected