Author Topic: Beta testers please try xretrace  (Read 1277 times)


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Beta testers please try xretrace
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:12:18 am »
I've added a scrollbar to xretrace.  It behaves a little bit like Visual studio mini-map but instead of opening up a small extra window it actually moves the main edit window position by changing the current line.  When you move the cursor off the scrollbar the edit window goes back to where the current line was to start with (almost, it centers the current line).  It shows markers for modified lines, visited lines and "xretrace bookmarks" (not global bookmarks).  I'm not exactly sure how useful it is and I have more to do on it. 

The markers persist across restarts of slick, via a bunch of text files stored in the "data" sub-folder of the xretrace folder.  The files in this folder remember the history for every file you ever visit and pause on for more than two seconds.  Not sure what that will do to performance for someone who visits thousands of different files.  They get updated when you save the buffer (via _cbsave_ call-list), switch buffers or set/clear an "xretrace bookmark".

I'm getting an intermittent problem with the bitmaps that I use to mark up the scrollbar, as explained here,15559.msg59324.html#msg59324
Slickedit is sometimes applying gray shading to the bitmaps.  White bitmaps appear as light gray, red and blue bitmaps are darkened.  This problem appeared with V22, I've never seen it before V22.

Anyone who wants to try it can you let me know if you get gray bitmaps instead of white.  To load it, unzip xretrace into a configuration folder, then load
To start xretrace, run the command xretrace-show-control-panel, untick delayed start, then restart slickedit and xretrace should be active.  To show the scrollbar, go to the toolwindow list and open the "xs" toolwindow.  It's best to dock it otherwise right click doesn't work properly for some reason.  You can have more than one of them, right click on the top of the toolbar and select duplicate to make another one.

Then move around the current buffer and xretrace should start adding bitmaps to the scrollbar.  You have to pause on a line/region for a couple of seconds before it gets "accepted".  Lines modified since the start of the current session have a reddish bitmap and lines modified in previous sessions have a purple bitmap.  Right click on the scrollbar and set a bookmark gets a cyan bitmap.

To close the scrollbar you have to right click and select close or use the toolwindow customise dialog.  The close icon (cross) at the top of the toolwindow doesn't close it for some reason.  If you hit the spacebar when the mouse cursor is active on the scrollbar, the current line goes to the exact line corresponding to the nearest bitmap in the direction the cursor was moving; hit cvbnm keys to reverse direction.  Left click on the scrollbar to set the current line at that position.

Let me know if you get any gray bitmaps  - or it crashes.
The original xretrace is here,4693.0.html