Author Topic: Smart Open/Select Symbol 2nd column width - can col 1 get a max size?  (Read 546 times)


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I have some file names that are very long. When I type them into "Smart Open", the Path column becomes invisible (or real small) because the name column is occupying all the available visible width.

See attached screenshot (smart_open_col_size.png) for "Smart Open" with an example where a file name is called: ""

I see a similar issue in the "Select symbol" dialog sometimes, although I'm having trouble reproducing it with a simple example (maybe I'll post later if I find one). I posted a screenshot (select_symbol_col_size.png) that points out what I mean, although the issue is not reproduced there.


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Re: Smart Open/Select Symbol 2nd column width - can col 1 get a max size?
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 04:52:38 pm »
With respect to the Open tool window, you can right click, select Options and turn off "Auto-size columns".  Then you can move the column to whatever widths you want them to be, but keep in mind that the file name might be clipped.

In either case, you can hover the mouse over an item to see the full name and path.

With the Select a Symbol dialog, it is dynamically sized to it's contents, and we try desperately not to truncate the symbol name column, since it is usually the most important thing.  It does have a horizontal scrollbar.  With respect to this one, I think this is just the lay of the land, if both columns do not fit, one of them is going to be truncated or hidden, so someone will be unhappy no matter how we try to adjust things.  We tried adding an option to turn off auto-sizing here, but it just turned out to cause the dialog to look ridiculous most of the time.